Technical Support


If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the Move Mood app, in the first instance check the common issues and solutions below.


If this doesn’t resolve your issue then please email with as many details as possible of the problem you are experiencing, including:


  • The specific type of device you are using (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S20, iPhone 11, etc.)
  • The operating system version (e.g. Android 12, iOS 16.1.2, etc.)
  • Any screenshots of the problem, if relevant
  • Steps taken prior to the issue occurring, in as much detail as possible


This will allow us to investigate your problem as fully and efficiently as possible.


You can also take a look at our FAQs, which includes information on data collection and storage:


Common issues and how to solve them:

App notifications

We’ve recently been made aware that there is a bug on some Android devices where some users are unable to set up Push Notifications. This is an issue we’re working on fixing, but in the meantime, for notifications to work a user will have to go to Settings > My App Settings > Reset Data, and make sure to select “Yes” in the initial onboarding of the app when asked to enable push notifications. Please note that if you do this, all your previous activity in the app will be lost.

When creating a task: I can’t get past the ‘Customise Task’ screen / I can’t set the task difficulty

On this screen, you need to ensure that you select one of the three options for the task category, and also rate the difficulty level of the task you are setting up. Make sure you scroll down to the very end of this screen to the difficulty bar, and that you move the circle along this line to register your rating. Even if you wish to keep the rating the same as it already is, you need to move the circle along and then back again for your choice to be registered; it will change from white to purple when this has been successfully done. You should now be able to progress to the next screen.

When creating a task: It won’t let me select a date in the future to schedule the task for

On the ‘Schedule Task’ screen, choose how often you want to repeat the task, and what time of day, from the options presented. Then, to schedule the task, tap on ‘Select date’ to bring up the date picker. It will show only today’s date at first; click on this date to bring up a full calendar, to choose whichever date you’d like to schedule this task for. Once it’s highlighted, tap ‘Select date’ to save your choice, and then ‘Save to calendar’ at the bottom of the screen.

How do I set push notifications for when to complete my task(s)?

Firstly, make sure you have push notifications enabled on your device. To check this, head to your device settings > Notifications > Move Mood and make sure notifications are turned on. Then:


  • For a new task, once you’ve created your new task in the app and scheduled it, you should be shown a screen asking if you’d like to set push notifications for this task. Tap ‘Set push notifications’ and choose how often you’d like to receive them. 
  • For a task that has already been created, go to ‘My Tasks’ and tap on the one you want to set notifications for, to bring up more details. Then click on ‘Edit’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen which will bring up your task settings. Instead of changing anything on this screen, tap ‘Done’ in the top right-hand corner. You will then be shown a screen asking if you’d like to set push notifications for this task. Tap ‘Set push notifications’ and choose how often you’d like to receive them.
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